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Electric Gate

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Electric Gate

Automatic gates are fantastic for convenience safety and improving your day to day living. If you have a manual front gate and are considering upgrading it by installing an electric gate opener, there are a few things you should make sure to check before making the final purchase. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when selecting the right opener for you.Electric Gate

Gate Design Type

Most people will have either a sliding gate or swing design for their driveway. Many opener models are designed to be appropriate for specifically one of these two types so it is important to get the right one. There might be opener systems that say they are applicable to both or all gate designs, you should check the size and dimension specifications for these packages carefully to make sure they will fit your gate precisely.

Consumer Friendly Installation

Many opener manufacturers produce two versions of every opener they release. One is geared for consumer installation, the other is more suitably handled by professional electric gate opener installers. If you want to try and install the mechanism yourself, you should definitely try and get the consumer friendly version of the opener you want. It will come with more detailed instructions and easier processes to follow. Even the consumer friendly packages can be a handful to organize and very challenging to complete alone. Every part has to be fitted perfectly for the system to work without failure.

Opener Drive Type

This is a vital part to consider, as it determines how your opener handles and operates day to day. If you want an electric gate that is quiet and smooth, you’ll probably be best looking for an opener with a belt drive. The other common type of drive is a chain drive. These are likely to be more widely available, can be more affordable and offer good reliability. Chain drives are known to be louder than belt drives, especially if they have been in use for some time.

Professional Electric Gate Installation

If you want your electric gate installed perfectly by a trained expert with a wealth of experience, you can call us today for more details or to arrange the booking.

We can ensure all components are fitted professionally and the opener runs smoothly and will do so in as efficient a time as possible. Call now for a quote.

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