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Check out these great tips and refresh your knowledge of gate maintenance. Excellent advice!

Fix your driveway gate with caution. Here you will find the most brilliant ideas, suggestions and tips!

Learn how to check the gate safety sensors and how to make gate operation smoother!

Replace old gate remotes

Automatic roll up gates ought to be upgraded periodically and keeping the same gate clicker for many years is not wise according to Roll up Gate Repair Bronx. New technologies using rolling codes promise greater safety but you must make sure the new remote is compatible with the opener.

Maintenance is crucial

Gate maintenance will prevent problems and accidents, solve issues and give you the chance to repair damaged components and replace the broken ones. When the system of your automatic rolling gate is checked, lubricated, repaired and cleaned, it will last longer, operate properly and serve you better.

Ask for a demonstration

Our specialists in gate repair in Bronx suggest that you ask for a demonstration of the features of your gate opener. Your contractor will surely accommodate your request for a demonstration after a gate opener installation. This is better than reading a manual or doing your own research. You can also ask for tips on automatic gate troubleshooting.

Have a dragging gate serviced

If your gate begins to drag on the floor, it can damage the structure, paint, metal, and posts. Call us for inspection and proper maintenance ASAP.

The solar panels of gate openers require frequent cleaning

This is important since even a thin layer of dust and dirt will bring down their capacity. You need to use a soft lint-free cloth for the job. It is also possible to use a small amount of mild window cleaner. Remember to check what the opener manufacturer recommends beforehand, just to be on the safe side. Wipe the panel clean from one side to the other. Avoid using circular motion.

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