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You will find our answers to your questions on gate repair and door maintenance easy to understand

When gate replacement is important?

Gates are not replaced often unless they're seriously damaged for any reason. The frequency of gate replacement according to the experts of Roll up Gate Repair Bronx will depend on the condition of the rolling gate. As long as it's in working condition, replacement is not needed.

Which are the most important parts of rolling gates?

The truth is that all parts of any gate system are important for proper movement. Though, you need to give attention to the condition of the tracks and wheels when it comes to rolling gates. For safety, check often the sensors.

Won't gate systems hurt humans?

Our specialists at Roll up Gate Repair Bronx often have to debunk myths that gate systems can hurt people. Gates open and close slowly and gently under an automatic system and immediately stop and reverse direction when it hits something. Getting bumped by a closing and opening gate won't cause injury, even for kids and pets.

How do you maintain a doorking opener?

DoorKing opener maintenance, for the 6100 Series in particular, is not that complicated. Our specialists in gate maintenance and repair in Bronx suggest these three steps: check, align, and grease. You have to inspect if there are broken or defective parts. You may have to arrange for proper gate service if there are broken parts. Re-align parts that may be misaligned.

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